Senior Reps

Interested in being a Senior Rep for TWA Photography?

What do Senior Reps receive?

  • Mini Session in Spring 2021 designed and planned together
  • A Full Regular Photo Session specially designed for what you, the senior, want.  
  • Ability to earn discounts and other fun extras (including extra photo sessions) 
  • Possible modeling opportunities in the future
  • Optional, themed photo shoots to be used by senior and TWA Photography for marketing purposes.


  • Must be a student in Lane County, Class of 2022.
  • You agree to share with friends and classmates monthly (by social media and in-person, if possible).
  • You agree to be available in Spring 2021 to have a Mini Session to share.
  • You agree to represent ONLY TWA Photography and use TWA Photography senior portraits.
  • Must have Parental Permission, have signed the contract and paid deposit (prior to Spring Mini Session).

What does it cost?

There will be a one time $200 fee that is due at the Spring Mini Session. There may be additional costs if you choose to order prints, canvas, and/or other products.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: All applications must be received by March 15th, 2022.


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